Michael Ashby

Michael Ashby (who co-authored Materials and Design: The Art and Science of Material Selection in Product Design with Kara Johnson) has another book on the environmental aspects of materials selection, looks very interesting!

Book: Materials and the Environment: Eco-informed Material Choice (2009)
As concern for the environment grows, there is a corresponding trend among colleges and universities worldwide to incorporate sustainability into engineering education. Addressing this growing trend "Materials and the Environment," by renowned materials authority Mike Ashby, is the first book devoted exclusively to the environmental aspects of materials, a core subject area for undergraduate students in several engineering disciplines, including mechanical, materials, civil, aerospace, manufacturing and design. With in-depth coverage of such topics as material consumption and its drivers, the material lifecycle, eco-informed material selection, renewable materials and sustainability, along with eco-profiles of more than 60 widely used materials, this book will appeal not only to instructors of materials science and selection courses, but to professional materials engineers and product designers as well.

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